Sunday, January 27, 2013

Interacting with the Latin Classroom on the Internet

In this day of technological ubiquity, a class website or blog can be an excellent tool for improving communication and clarity in the classroom.  A class blog is meant to facilitate, not supplant, classroom instruction.  Like other class blog/websites students will find numerous materials at their disposal.  Some of the best uses of class blogs/website are as follows:
  • Access to course materials and classroom assignments
  • A class calendar with the due dates for assignments and upcoming assessments
  • Access to lecture notes and presentations
  • Helpful links to websites that can assist in student learning and research
A way in which I would use a blog that is unique to other classroom blog/websites is to have a discussion section for collaborative Latin translations.  Students would be able to discuss translation, grammar, syntax, and content with each other.
The goal of a Latin class blog is to improve a student’s proficiency in Latin and performance in the classroom.  I would know if the blog is doing its job when students come prepared to class with the most information available.

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